Cindy Fung

Kids4Kids, Hong Kong
Program Manager
Field: Cultural management: Asia Society Hong Kong Center; literacy development/youth empowerment: Kids4Kids

King's College London, UK
MA Arts & Cultural Management, Class of 2015

**Recipient of a Letter of Recommendation from Andrew and Lila Meade**

“VHP was the most defining experience of my time at Vassar. Below are 4 things I still carry  with me after graduation:

Nonprofit management: From donor relations, sponsorship pitches, to event planning, VHP gave me frequent exposure to stakeholders from various fields. I learned to turn complex messages into digestible ideas and cater them to different audiences, while identifying the priorities of my partners to cultivate collaborative relationships.

Student mentorship: Under Andrew and Lila Meade’s guidance, I learned to drive teamwork with integrity and respect; to identify strengths of teammates and promote ownership of roles such that we can help each other succeed.

Intellectual accountability: VHP provided a space for students to combine academic responsibility with constructive citizenship. Our research skills and classroom learning were used frequently to drive ‘international development’ in more critical and accountable ways.

Professional development: VHP fueled my passion in facilitating arts and culture in building creative, resilient communities. I went on to pursue an MA in arts management, and received distinction for my dissertation on the role of civic organizations in mediating craft production and the empowerment of artisans in developing countries. After spending a year in fundraising in a cultural institution, I am now serving a frontline position in community development – overseeing literacy development programs for primary school students from low-income families, and leading active citizenship programs for secondary school students. What I have experienced at VHP remains at the core of my personal growth, and it is my long-term goal to develop a career that supports culture and creative processes for larger social and economic impact.”