Francis Meyo

Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, Nairobi, Kenya
Field: International development applying behavioral science in pursuit of poverty alleviation

**Recipient of a Letter of Recommendation from Andrew and Lila Meade**

β€œThe Vassar Haiti Project greatly enhanced my leadership and communication skills. VHP taught me how to integrate varying interests by aligning various incentives to simply get the job done! I attribute a big portion of my professional growth over the last 5 years to my ability to engage with various constituencies creatively and compassionately; skills that VHP ingrained in me. VHP nurtured what I now consider to be one of my strongest character traits; my inclination to be deeply invested in, and encouraging of, the best in my colleagues - a quality asset that has served me well in my professional life.

My experience with VHP illuminated the cross-cultural nature of development issues and sharpened my acumen on its challenges, needs, and opportunities. I now pride myself in being an art cross- cultural communicator, a skill that VHP honed in me. Lastly but definitely not the least, VHP showed me that humour, patience, and flexibility have a place in the professional world.”