Project: Construction of the Clinic
Objective: To construct a permanent, sustainable clinic in the village of Fiervil, an hour’s walk from Chermaitre.
Started: 2011
Cost: $23,000
Funding: (Fall 2011) St. John’s sale in Washington, CT, the sale at Trinity Church, Fishkill, NY and the joint sale at the Convent of the Sacred Heart School in Greenwich, CT.
Status: Complete. Fundraising for the clinic building was finished in early 2012. Construction is ongoing.

The clinic will be accessible by road, and will be able to treat patients from seven surrounding villages. The clinic will include examining rooms, a pharmacy, a waiting room and bathrooms.

On VHP’s March 2012 Haiti trip, volunteers saw the site where the foundation of the clinic had been laid. VHP has also secured a Haitian doctor, Dr. Racine, to lead the clinic staff, and will work to ensure that the clinic is fully staffed and receives regular shipments of medications and supplies.