Project: Construction of School Building
Objective: To construct a 7 room school building to provide classrooms for students from Grades 1 through 6, and to add furniture to the classrooms
Started: 2005
Cost: 1,600,000 gourdes (US$40,000)
Funding: 4th-7th Annual Vassar Sales (April 2005-April 2008), Trinity Fishkill Art Sale (November 2006), A Weekend of Haiti with Zion, Trinity and St. Andrew’s churches (December 2007), Vassar Reunion Sale (June 2008), 1st Sag Harbor Sale (July 2008)
Status: Completed in Summer of 2008

In 2004 and 2005, VHP began to hit its stride in art sales and was bringing back enough funds to begin constructing a new school building. By the summer of 2008, after an investment of $40,000 in construction, a new seven-room school was built. In March 2012, the school building was painted.