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Education Initiative

The Education Initiative seeks to subsidize education missions in Haiti, as well as educate the Vassar Community and fellow project members on Haitian culture and history.

In Haiti, 50% of students have access to primary education and only 29% go on to secondary school. Through VHP’s efforts, about 250 Chermaitre students have primary education access and 21 students were granted scholarships to continue at the secondary school.
Original school, built in 2001

Original school, built in 2001

Current school, built in 2008

Current school, built in 2008

Education Access

The Education Initiative was the Vassar Haiti Project’s very first endeavor. VHP began by supporting the school lunch program at École St. Paul de Chermaitre, which was originally a rudimentary one-room classroom with 175 students from kindergarten to 5th grade. In 2008, VHP established a robust building complex, which now serves about 250 students, including the 6th grade. A new kindergarten and multipurpose room is also currently under construction. We are proud to report that the school won Second Prize in a regional academic competition among 55 schools in 2011.


We were also delighted to hear that École St. Paul’s pass rate for the pre-secondary Certificate exam was 28 out of 30 students in 2014. In our most recent trip to Haiti, students shared with us that some travel over 2 hours to our school every morning, rather than attend a school only a half hour from them. It is the students’ dedication to achieving excellence in their education that pushes the Vassar Haiti Project to continue to work with the people of Chermaitre to ensure every child has equal access to education


To this day, VHP’s remains financially committed to the school’s lunch program, the subsidization of teachers’ salaries, secondary school scholarships, school supplies, and textbooks. Projects on the horizon include health and sexual education, a textbook lending library, a storage shed, an anti-trafficking curriculum, a vocational summer program, a children's medical fund, and a breakfast program.

In Haitian Creole, tipa tipa means “little by little.” We hope that with the generosity of our supporters and the driving spirit of Haiti, tipa tipa, we can work together to advance and equalize education for the students of Chermaitre.





In addition to our primary school, we now have a scholarship program for students to attend the secondary school. This year we have 22 students enrolled, a 4 student increase from last year! These scholarships cover the costs of food, books, enrollment, and housing while in school. The secondary school is a four-hour hike, each way, from Chermaitre. Therefore, the housing provided through the program is essential to helping students achieve secondary education.

Supporters for VHP have the opportunity to sponsor students to attend the secondary school. Our sponsorship program is currently the only way children of Chermaitre have access to a secondary education, so your donation contributes directl to the crucial developmental advancement of the people of Chermaitre.


 $80 a month or $1000 annually supports one student which includes tuition, books, room and board.

Current Projects & Goals

Continued Primary School Funding

For 17 years the Vassar Haiti Project has supported the running of the school.  Each year, the school's budget covers administrative and teacher salaries, daily student lunches, school uniforms, and teaching materials.

2017/2017 Annual Budget: $38,341
Status: In progress, funding needed


Secondary School Scholarship Program

This program provides students from surrounding villages the opportunity to further their education beyond primary school. Costs for each student includes tuition, room and board, and books. Ultimately, VHP hopes to cover the annual cost of attending secondary school over seven years for 50 students ($50,000 annual). 

2017/2017 Annual Budget: $1,000 per student
Status: In progress, funding needed


Breakfast Program

VHP aims to provide a simple breakfast to students once a day, every school day. The meal should consist of local fruit from VHP planted trees and crackers with peanut butter. In an attempt to further involve the parents in the student's’ schooling, we hope to require each students to bring one cup of peanuts each month in order to make the peanut butter and reduce cost.

Cost: $10,000, annual
Status: In progress, funding needed



Anti-Trafficking Curriculum

Haiti is the 7th most trafficked country in the world. Children are at very high risk for trafficking- especially when they’re not aware of it. The most common form of trafficking in Haiti's is Restavek slavery. Restavek slavery happens when a child is sent to be a domestic slave for another Haitian household. Often, these young boys and girls are abused physically and sexually and denied any education or life independent from their enslavement. In partnership with Vassar College’s anti- trafficking organization “The Underground” VHP aims to create an anti trafficking curriculum to use preventative education as a means to stop Restavek slavery before it even begins.

Status: In development


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