VHP Executive Board 2018-19



Daniel Elendu '19 - Co-President

Daniel is a Computer Science major and Mathematics minor who is from Abuja, Nigeria. He enjoys playing soccer, watching movies, listening to and sharing music and seeing architecture and other forms of visual art.


Ruoyu Li '19 - Co-President

Ruoyu is a senior from Beijing, China. She is a Political Science major who enjoys reading in her free time. The last thing Ruoyu read was a collection of post-colonial literature.


Alex Ng '19 - Co-President

Alex is a neuroscience major from Greenwich, CT and plans to pursue a neuroscience PhD. after she graduates.  Outside VHP, Alex loves to cook, travel, and do neuroscience research at Vassar.  She is so excited to serve as president for another year and see other students excel in VHP!


Phebe Warren '19 - Director of Women's Health

Phebe is from Newnan, Georgia. She is a Neuroscience major and plans to attend med school and get Masters in public health after graduating this year. Phebe likes to read, be outside, and be around animals. She is also a talented equestrian.


Gabriela Mandeville '19 - Director of Health

Gabi is a neuroscience major from New York City and plans to attend medical school after graduating. Outside of VHP, Gabi loves to read, dance and play the flute.


Violet Tan '20 - Director of Grants

Violet is a Psychology and Chinese double major from Hong Kong. She enjoys seeing her friends roll their eyes in exasperation after she cracks yet another terrible pun. She also likes reading and would be up for any good book recommendations.


Annabell Kaiqing Su '21 - Co-VP of Events

Annabell is a Political Science major from Guangzhou, China. She is a sophomore this year and enjoys reading in her free time.


Sonia Gollerkeri '21 - Handcrafts Manager

Sonia is a sophomore from Lexington, MA. She is a prospective Biology major with a correlate in Education. In her free time, Sonia likes to doodle and read. She also plays piano.

Connie Zhong '20 - Treasurer, Co-VP of Events

Connie is a junior from Brooklyn, NY. She is a Biology major and wants to become a pediatrician. She is a good listener and has a comprehensive knowledge of K-Dramas.


Catherine Wu '21 - VP of Merchandise

Catherine is a sophomore from Taipei, Taiwan. She has yet to declare her major because she loves learning about everything! When she is not studying, Catherine enjoys spending time with animals.


Molly McCarthy '21 - Director of Print and Social Media

Molly is a sophomore from Albuquerque, NM. She is a Hispanic Studies major and plans to go to med school after graduating from Vassar. When she is not doing work for VHP, Molly enjoys playing violin and spending time with her friends.


Oluwabukola Oloyede '20 - Student Development

Bukola is a junior from Kwara, Nigeria. She is majoring in Biology with a minor in French. Bukola loves food, music, and art, and hopes to visit France one day.