Medical Advisory Board
The Vassar Haiti Project staffs the Medical Clinic in Haiti under the auspices of the Medical Advisory Board. The Medical Advisory Board is a group of health professionals seeking to provide guidance in all aspects of clinic operation in Fiervil, Haiti. The Board consists of members from the Poughkeepsie and larger Hudson Valley community including doctors, nurses, and other specialists in the healthcare field. Some of the areas in which the Medical Advisory Board serves the Fiervil clinic are medication management, infrastructure development and improvement, health education, fundraising, and much more. Vassar Haiti Project truly appreciates the invaluable time and effort the members of the Medical Advisory Board put into improving the lives of patients so far from Poughkeepsie.
David Cho


David Cho, Chair



Dr. David Cho specializes in Internal Medicine with Premier Medical Group in Poughkeepsie, NY and heard the clarion call by Dr. Danny Aronzon to serve on the newly formed Medical Advisory Board for the Vassar Haiti Project in 2013. Made of students, nurses, community leaders, entrepreneurs and physicians, the Board has served to provide guidance and direction for the newly formed medical clinic in Chermaitre, encouraged and inspired by Andrew and Lila Meade, co-founders of the Project. Dr. Cho’s role as a medical doctor was to organize medication and supply shipments to be sent to the Clinic, review patient demographics and disease states, and to work to the Board to lay the groundwork for a fully functioning, independent medical clinic which has become invaluable to the people of of Chermaitre. When he is not practicing medicine, Dr. Cho enjoys spending time with his wife, Dr. Sunhee Woo, and their two sons Winston and Blake playing music in their studio. 

“Working closely with Andrew and Lila has been inspiring. They are passionate in their love for the people of Chermaitre and this permeates in every meeting, conversation, and fundraiser we have. I am also amazed by the Vassar students, who in spite of their busy schedules and all they have blessed with, have dedicated themselves to the people of Haiti and I feel are the true heroes."

Nancy Belok


Nancy Belok


The Vassar Haiti Project has been a big part of the last 18 years of Nancy's life.  From its inception, she was a dedicated behind the scenes supporter, enthusiastically cheering on the art sales, and watching the project grow.  It was when the medical clinic changed from an idea into a plan and then finally into an actual on the ground operational clinic, that she jumped at the opportunity to be more involved.  Nancy's background as President & Owner of a medical billing company and regularly working in Healthcare meshes perfectly with working with local doctors on governance for the medical clinic.

"I feel privileged to have served on the Medical Advisory Board since its inception in 2014 and am excited to see where the vision of the new and future student leadership takes us all."

As a long time resident of Dutchess County Nancy has been active on numerous local Boards  &  she is an enthusiastic supporter of many Community Organizations in the area.

Diane Cicatello


Diane Cicatello



Diane Cicatello, M.D. is a board certified Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician practicing at CareMount Medical Group in Poughkeepsie, NY.  When not busy at work or caring for her own children she is focused on giving with a passion for active community service. As a sustaining member of the Junior League of Poughkeepsie she has enjoyed serving our women and children locally since 1996. Diane served as a board member of many community organizations, including Abilities First, The Children's Services Council and The Board of Mental Hygiene, all focused on the health and well being of the children in our area over her 20 years in Dutchess County. She currently sits on the board of Mill Street Loft/Spark Media and The Mid Hudson Children's Museum. Diane has always thought about giving globally and was excited to learn about Vassar Haiti Project's efforts. Intrigued by the idea of helping people outside her immediate community she offers her enthusiasm and knowledge of pediatric medicine to help promote an improved quality of life for the children and families of Chermaitre.

Ingrid Dodard


Ingrid Dodard-Brown

M.D., F.A.A.P.

Ingrid Dodard Brown, M.D., F.A.A.P. is a Board certified pediatrician with Caremount Medical Group,  and has resided in the Hudson Valley for the past 15 years. Ingrid's parents left Haiti 50 years ago,

"and though I've never been to Haiti, I feel a connection to the land and its people because that's where my roots are from. There is a saying in creole, 'Tout est possible a celui qui croit', meaning, everything is possible for he who believes! Through the Vassar Haiti Project, I feel as though I can give back to my community and help in a unique way."

Ingrid is married to the "most handsome and talented husband, Daryl" and is the busy mother of 4-year old twin daughters.

Kimberly Heller


Kimberly Heller



Kimberly Heller is an OB/GYN physician specializing in complicated pregnancies.   She is interested in efforts to improve the safety of pregnancy and childbirth for women all over the world.  She has been on the Medical Advisory Board for 3 years and went to Haiti with VHP in early 2017.  She is an avid bicyclist and hiker and enjoys music and the arts.

Daniel Katz


Daniel Katz



Dr. Dan Katz is a Poughkeepsie-based urologist specializing in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. He has been in practice now for more than 20 years.   Dan hales from Youngstown, Ohio and still believes the Cleveland Browns will someday win the Superbowl.  He joined the Medical Advisory Board in 2011  and has traveled to Haiti twice to work with VHP's stellar  local team, and our partners in Haiti, Dr. Gueslin Jossainville, and Pere Andre Wildane.  A few years ago Dan authored a  grant proposal for Henry Schein Corporation which helped garner many thousands of dollars of medical supplies for our medical clinic.  By being a part of VHP's partnership with the people of Chermaitre, Dan believes he has received much more than he has given, and he is honored to be a part of this esteemed organization.  Dan has also volunteered with Vassar Temple, studies piano and enjoys playing golf in his spare time.



Alex Ng

Student Co-President, Class of 2019

Alex Ng is a Neuroscience and Behavior major from Greenwich, CT who plans on pursuing a PhD. in Neuroscience after graduation.  She is currently serving her second year as one of the Co-Presidents and just came back from her second trip to Haiti with the Vassar Haiti Project, which was amazing!  Outside VHP, Alex loves doing neuroscience research at Vassar and cooking.

Gabriela Mandeville (Class of 2019)


Gabriela Mandeville

Health Initiative Director, Class of 2019

"As a pre-med student, I was immediately drawn to join the Health Initiative. After hearing about the medical clinic for almost two years, going to Haiti, seeing it in person and meeting the incredible clinic staff was inspiring. It felt like something that I did not know that I was missing in my experience with VHP, had finally clicked into place. This upcoming academic year, I am honored and excited to be the newest Director of the Health Initiative and a member of VHP’s Medical Advisory Board. Through these roles, I look forward to continuing to improve the medical care available to Chermaitre and its surrounding area."


Phebe Warren

Director of Women’s Health, Class of 2019

“It has been a lifelong goal of mine to become a doctor, and through VHP‘s Health Initiative my passion has begun to to focus on both public and women’s health. As the Women’s Health director it has been so wonderful to initiate VHP’s focus on the health of the women in Chermaitre and I hope to further expand this role before I graduate by increasing our knowledge on women’s health in Chermaitre. Because of the impact I’ve experienced while working with VHP, I plan to obtain an MD/MPH and focus on women’s and children’s health.”