Press Release for our 2nd Greenwich Sale


“Ready to Sail” by Haitian artist George Desarmes. VHP simultaneously promotes Haitian art and culture and fosters sustainable development in Haiti. The art speaks to the resilience, strength, and dignity of the Haitian people.

Haitian Art Sale to Support Earthquake Relief Efforts and Sustainable Development in Haiti

The Vassar Haiti Project will host a Haitian art and handcraft sale at Second Congregational Church in Greenwich, CT on the weekend of November 16 to 18.  Come do your holiday shopping! Hundreds of affordable gifts will be for sale, including over 200 original paintings & unique handcrafts from Haitian artisans. Be awed and moved by spectacular Haitian art and buoyed by the rhythms of authentic kompa music, all while raising critically important funds for the relief efforts of the 2018 October earthquake and ongoing sustainable development projects in Haiti.  

A sampling of the handcrafts available at the Vassar Haiti Project’s Art Sales.

Over the past 18 years, the Vassar Haiti Project (VHP), based at Vassar College Poughkeepsie, NY, has engaged college students in a global citizenship curriculum and has funded projects in Chermaitre, a remote mountain village in Northwest Haiti. Funds are raised through donations and the sale of Haitian art.

The Haitian art sale is a collaborative effort between VHP, the Second Congregational Church, and the Greenwich community.  “Second Congregational Church is thrilled to be welcoming the Vassar Haiti Project back to campus,” says Senior Minister Maxwell Grant. “These young people are passionate in their support for the people of Haiti, and eager to teach us about the incredible resilience and creativity that they encounter in their work there. They bring beautiful art for us to see, but the beauty of their relationships and commitment to service are just as inspiring.”

"'Tipa, tipa' means 'step by step' in Haitian Creole," said VHP Co-founder Dr. Andrew Meade, who is also Assistant Dean for International Services at Vassar College. "We have an extraordinary legacy owing to the collective efforts of volunteers, organizations, our partners in Haiti, as well as the unwavering support of art buyers and donors. No matter the challenges nature puts forth, as in the recent earthquake, VHP strives to continually move our work with Haiti forward - tipa tipa, step by step.”

Dr. Gueslin Jossainvil and colleagues bring a gurney into the Chermaitre-Fiervil medical clinic funded by VHP.

“I am so excited to be hosting a second sale in Greenwich!” says VHP student president and Greenwich resident Alex Ng. “People here have been so supportive, and we are looking forward to another great turnout.” The upcoming event will raise funds for the relief efforts of the October 2018 earthquake, which has wreaked havoc in Northwest Haiti. People in Chermaitre have sustained many physical injuries, structural damage to their homes and school building, and the threat of incoming hurricane season. There is also growing concern about the spread of disease in the aftermath of the earthquake. Funds will be distributed by VHP’s long-time partner in Haiti, Pere André Wildaine.

Christine Hauck, a Greenwich resident, salutes the Vassar Haiti Project for making  transformative changes within Haiti; "What struck me about the Vassar Haiti Project when we first met was the incredible sense of collaboration among the students of the organization. Even to a first-time customer like me, the students warmly welcomed me into their project, generously taking the time to explain VHP’s projects and inviting me to make a difference in the world. I have since become an avid community volunteer, a grant developer and donor with the organization. I continue to be impressed by how the students utilize collaboration and community in order to create transformative change within Haitian communities.”

The art sale is free and open to the public, The event starts with an opening wine and cheese reception on Fri. 11/16 at 6:30pm; art and handcrafts will be available for sale throughout the weekend.  On Sat. 11/17 the sale starts at 10am until 5pm. At 2pm there will be a panel discussion titled “Listening and Learning: Transformative Encounters in Humanitarian Work” with Ernest Barthélemy, MD, Sahara Pradhan ‘15, Kidus Girma ‘18, and Andrew Meade, PhD.

The topic explores different affective moments in VHP’s work when volunteers experience extraordinary changes in their perspectives and worldviews.

All art and handcraft items are 50% tax deductible. All are welcome to attend the opening reception. For more information, please call 845-797-2123 or visit Paintings can also viewed and purchased online as well.

See event details here: Greenwich Sale 2018

Second Congregational Church

139 East Putnam Avenue

Greenwich, CT 06830


View of the primary school funded by VHP in the mountain village of Chermaitre, Haiti.

View of the primary school funded by VHP in the mountain village of Chermaitre, Haiti.