Our Projects & Goals

The Vassar Haiti Project makes a profound difference in the lives of many thousands of people, including the 500 families in Chermaitre, the 7,000 people served by our medical clinic in Fiervil, 1,00 artists and artisans whose works we buy and sell, the thousands of people who annually attend one of our events, and the hundreds of student and community volunteers who have made this work possible and whose own lives have been touched in so doing.

Organizational Sustainability

(In the U.S.)

1.  Full Time Executive Director

Full time executive director ($70,000 annual, inclusive of taxes and benefits).  Successful nonprofit organizations have a dynamic, committed executive director willing to do everything possible to fulfill upon the mission and to remain fiscally solvent.

Cost: $70,000, annually, inclusive of taxes and benefits



2.  Fund a Post-Baccalaureate Fellow

This person's role is to be the assistant to the executive director.  We like Vassar's Post-Bac model, which allows a recent graduate to stay on for a year to gain tremendous experience and make a big difference.

Cost: $35,000, annually, inclusive of taxes and benefits



3.  Establish a Fund to Support Student Mentoring and Development

The impact of VHP most important to Vassar College is the profound experiential education in global citizenship it offers to the 60 to 80 students who participate in a given academic year.  There are substantial expenses directly related to student participation.

Cost: $40,000, annually


Initiative Projects & Goals

(In Haiti)




To sustain the purchase and reselling of Haitian art

Cost: $20,000, annually




To provide training to the women's cooperative to increase the participation of women in Haiti's art market






Continued primary school funding

Cost: $40,000 annually



Secondary School

This would allow students to attend 7th through 13th grade, covering tuition, room and board.


Cost: $1,000 per student, annually



Anti-Trafficking Curriculum

Haiti is the 7th most trafficked country in the world. Children are at a high risk for trafficking -  Restavek slavery happens when a child is sent to be a domestic slave for another Haitian household, often resulting with young boys and girls physically and sexually abused and denied any education. VHP aims to create an anti trafficking curriculum to use as preventative education  stopping Restavek slavery before it even begins.


Status: In development




Breakfast Program

VHP aims to provide a simple breakfast to students once a day, every school day. The meal should consist of local fruit from VHP planted trees and crackers with peanut butter. In an attempt to further involve the parents in the student's’ schooling, we hope to require each students to bring one cup of peanuts each month in order to make the peanut butter and reduce cost. 

Cost: $10,000, annually

Status: In progress, funding needed



To cover the secondary school's annual cost over seven years

Cost: $50,000





To sustain the clinic, which carries a $30,000 annual budget

Cost: $30,000 , annually



Medical Clinic Expansion

Due to the tremendous distance and cost associated with going to the hospital closest to Fiervil, most clinic patients do not get critical exams and operations done. The clinic staff has urged VHP to help them expand medical care accessible through the clinic to include an onsite laboratory. VHP is now actively seeking to fund the construction of a solar powered laboratory with diagnostic equipment in which the staff will be able to conduct prescribed exams.




Solar Panel Laboratory

Without electricity, and thus refrigeration, the clinic staff is unable to offer a vaccination program. Vaccinations would reduce cases of malaria, typhoid, measles, rubella and cholera - some of the most common diseases in the region. Constructing a solar powered laboratory would enable VHP to install a refrigerator appropriate for the storage of vaccines in the lab to begin a vaccination program for children.

Cost: $86,500



To initiate a vaccination program for children

Cost: $8,000



To create a sustainable pathway for the Fiervil-Chermaitre medical center

Through partnership with the Haitian government and/or a large NGO or Foundation in Haiti.





To implement the FOKAL grant to plant 15,000 indigenous trees

Cost: $20,000, funding secured




Plant a total of 100,000 trees

This would fund the planting of the remaining 85,000 trees, and include future care and ongoing reforestation and sustainability in the community.


Cost: $100,000


Water Access & Purification



Water Purification System Completion

Through the use of the Rotary Foundation Grant, our long term goal is to complete the water purification system, complete with a plan of sustainable maintenance, within the next two years. We also hope to provide families that live considerably farther from the water purification system with portable water purifiers.



Cost: $55,000, funding secured



Women's Cooperative



To work with local craftsmen to cultivate skills, and finding, a market niche

Cost: $15,000


Solar-Powered Sewing Machines

Vassar Haiti Project hopes to provide solar-powered sewing machines to the women's cooperative so they can expand the products they produce and grow their business.  Ultimate goals for the women are to have a thriving business completely separate from VHP, and opening up their own bakery.





To complete construction of a community center/multi-use space which the women will be able to use for craft making.  Expected completion date: 2017.

Cost: $40,000, funding secured


To facilitate the coffee crop which can become a major factor supporting the livelihood of villagers.  In 2016, we planted 5,000 coffee trees.

Cost: $10,000