Project: Construction of a Kindergarten Classroom
Objective: To construct a safe Kindergarten Classroom for 60 kindergarten students, that can double as a multi-purpose community space; to also construct a separate school kitchen and storage space.
Cost: Estimate of 1,000,000 gourdes (U$25,000) in total
Funding: Vassar Reunion Sale (June 2012), 3rd Sag Harbor Sale (July 2012), The Garden Party with Dr. Donna Trimboli (September 2012), September Soirée at Vassar College (September 2012); Harvest Fest at Vassar College (October 2012)
Status: Ongoing, Funding needed

The kindergarten classroom occupies the one room building that doubles as a church. Prior to completion of the 7-room school in 2008, the entire school was housed in this building. The current structure is poorly ventilated and especially unstable since being damaged in a severe wind storm that struck in March 2012. We are currently in the process of sending an engineer up to Chermaitre to assess the safety of the building and funds have been sent for short-term repairs. The kitchen remains a makeshift room of hay and tarp behind it. Financing the construction of a new building is our top fundraising priority.