Support Transformative Change in Haiti

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Donate $25

Plant ten trees

Our community-based reforestation program’s goal is to plant a minimum of 100,000 trees.

Donate $50

Sponsor a child’s lunch for one year

For most of the school children in Chermaître, the lunch that we fund is their only meal each day.

Donate $100

Pay a teacher’s salary for one month

Help support the primary education of 300 children in Chermaître. Education enables children to reach their full potential and towards a better future.

Donate $250

Support the Women’s Cooperative

Help the women’s co-operative of Chermaître to achieve financial independence, through the purchase of sewing machines and other income-generating equipment and supplies.

Donate $750

Fund a Clinic Week

Your donation will fund the medical staff and medication for one week at our clinic, which serves 3,000 patients annually from 35 villages.

Donate $1000

Secondary school education

Sponsor one student for a year, to continue his or her education beyond the 6th grade. Fees cover tuition, books, and room and board for one year.


Donate any amount to any project

Please become a Recurring Donor

By making a monthly recurring gift, your continued support makes a critical difference in supporting our work in Chermaitre now and in the future.