support one of our sustainable development initiatives in Chermaitre, Haiti 


Your gift can:

FUND A clinic DAY

VHP has established a bi-monthly medical clinic, which is the closest source of medical care for the people of Chermaître and several surrounding villages. Your donation will support the medical staff and provide medication for the clinic’s patients. 


Many of the students at school in Chermaître have expressed a desire to continue their education past the 6th grade. However, most students cannot afford the expense. A secondary school education will open a wide range of opportunities, allowing them to follow their dreams. 


VHP supports the primary education of about 200 children in Chermaître. Education allows children to reach their full potential and have access to better futures. Your donation will go towards subsidizing a teacher’s salary for a month. 


For most of the schoolchildren in Chermaître, the lunch that we fund is their only meal of the day. On our 2012 trip we found that 10% of these children are malnourished. Your sponsorship will help our goal to enhance these meals with a breakfast program. 

 plant fruit & lumber trees

Reforestation provides a sustainable source of food and income in Haiti, which is 98% deforested. The village aims to plant a total of 100,000 fruit and lumber trees, including apricot, coconut, grapefruit, mango, citron, oak, cedar, and mahogany. 

SUpport the Women's cooperative

The women of Chermaître have asked for our support in developing small business opportunities to provide income for their families. The cooperative will engage women of Chermaître by serving as an education and skills development center. Your donation will go towards capital investments such as peanut grinders and sewing machines.