#SheIs, #SheWas, #SheWillBe: Honoring Women

Walking into the Villard Room on the night of She Is, I was blown away by the colors, lights, and overall vibrancy of the room. Seeing how everything had come together so smoothly was a reminder of all of the work that so many people had dedicated to creating and planning for the event. Each detail, from the individually-cut snowflakes, to the wonderfully thoughtful speeches and performances, all demonstrated the incredible collaboration and teamwork that defines VHP.

The evening began with empowering speeches given by Makeba Walcott ‘19 and Danushi Fernando, Director of LGBTQ and Gender Resources. They recalled personal stories and experiences to highlight the strength and beauty of women. Following this, various performance groups (including bands and acapella troupes) entertained guests with dancing, circus, and song in ways which highlighted female artists and celebrated women through their respective art forms. All of the performances were memorable in the way that together they beautifully captured the sense of appreciation and celebration which were at the core of the #SheIs gala

Throughout the entire event, hearing the songs and seeing the smiling faces of Femmes de Chermaître alongside the display of paintings featuring women continually brought the focus of the event back to the women of Chermaître. Their grace, dedication, and drive to improve  the livelihoods of their families and the community at large exemplifies the idea that women are the backbone of life. Being able to share in an evening full of singing, dancing, and conversation as a way to honor all women, and these hard-working and inspiring women in particular, was a very special opportunity which I am grateful to have been a part of.

by Sonia Gollakeri ‘21