My Art & Soul 4.0: Seniors reflect on hosting their final Art & Soul gala.


This year’s Art & Soul Gala was the best yet, truly a spectacular night. Believe it or not, VHP really started planning this year’s event before last year’s event even happened, tracking down the right people to honor at our gala. The past few months have been completely consumed with Art & Soul preparations, with weekly Health Committee meetings dedicated to completing tasks on the never ending “To-do list”, which included lining up performers, creating posters for the event, and finalizing the Twisted Soul menu.


The event is a true team effort, with VHP students and our Medical Advisory Board collaborating to reach out to local doctors and attorneys to sponsor the event.  This year our Medical Advisory Board was especially involved in getting sponsorships for the event, organizing the raffle, and setting up the space. One of the most exciting moments for us leading up to the Gala was when we realized that we had surpassed every previous years in total sponsorships. That was huge for us, as these funds enable hundreds of individuals in the mountains of Northwest Haiti to have access to healthcare.  In addition, these sponsorships ensure that our current project, the installation of a solar-powered laboratory at our medical clinic, will be executed flawlessly. We are incredibly excited to see our record-breaking event this year affects future Art & Souls.

This year, we were lucky enough to honor Lucinda Franks and Robert Morgenthau, long time supporters of VHP and extremely well-respected figures in their respective fields.  We are so grateful for their physical and digital presences at the event- there was nothing more special than seeing Robert Morganthau at age 99 speak to the crowd on the big screen in the Alumnae House.  In addition, Lucinda Franks presented an amazing perspective of VHP and Haiti to all the guest having just gone to Haiti with VHP this past January on our first ever “donor trip.” It was so special to have almost everyone who attended the January trip attend the event as well!

The event itself found the Alumnae House packed with guests, serenaded by amazing musicians, and completely energized. Guests were socializing with each other, engaging with the art, and getting to know Haiti through a different lens throughout the night. We were honored to also be joined for the night by Dr. Jossainvil Gueslin, the Fiervil, Haiti clinic doctor, who was able to bring VHP’s health projects to the forefront during the event. I could not be more pleased that this is my last Art & Soul as an active member of VHP. That night in particular, was able to truly showcase VHP’s ability to put on an event, it is hard to think of how it could be improved. I am eternally grateful to everyone who was involved in the behind-the-scenes process of making Art & Soul happen and to everyone who attended.

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by Alex Ng ‘19 and Gabriella Mandeville ‘19