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The Vassar Haiti Project is committed to the sustainable development of Chermaitre, Haiti.



Our organization was shocked and disappointed to hear President Trump's recent words disparaging the Haitian people. We take this moment to recognize the value of every human being in Haiti and in every other part of the world.  Our mission seeks to raise awareness of Haitian culture and society in the US and everywhere.  We proudly stand with Haiti, now and always.


Who We Are

The Vassar Haiti Project is a collaborative, all-volunteer 501(c)3 supporting the welfare of artists and artisans in Haiti, and sustainable development in Chermaitre. The Vassar Haiti Project functions through the auction and sale of Haitian art and handcrafts. Our contributions are guided by five initiatives: education, medical access, reforestation, water purification and women's leadership. We invite you to learn more about the Vassar Haiti Project. Welcome to the family!


Our Mission

Founded in 2001, the Vassar Haiti Project (VHP) engages students in a life-changing experiential education in global citizenship, promoting Haitian art and fostering sustainable development in Haiti. In addition to the purchase and sale of original Haitian art, VHP’s contributions are guided by five initiatives in the mountain village of Chermaitre.


Global Citizenship


Sustainable Development

With a strong educational component, we are dedicated both to raising awareness of Haitian culture and society in the US and elsewhere, and to providing a hands-on, practical education in global citizenship. Through art auctions and sales, we directly support the welfare of hundreds of Haitian artists and artisans. These art sales in turn provide means of support for funding education, healthcare, water access and purification, reforestation, and women’s initiatives in Chermaitre, a mountain village in the Northwest department of Haiti.
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The Vassar Haiti Project promotes Haitian art and artists. Through decade-long relationships with Haitian art galleries and artists, Vassar Haiti Project serves as a ‘conduit’ for Haitian art to reach art markets in the United States. Over the last sixteen years, the Project has proven to be a steady customer, often in times of socioeconomic disturbance, ensuring patronage for our artists and galleries in Haiti.


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